Chapter 1: Welcome to the Customer Experience Era

Any sophisticated product manager will tell you their product is only a success when their customers succeed by using it. Rightfully, they feel frustrated by lackluster adoption or usage of the amazing product they delivered to market. In many companies,

Chapter 2: Defining Customer Experience

As we have seen, digital transformation makes it possible for companies to reimagine customer experience. Many industries have been disrupted by a new wave of companies that redesigned customer experience through the whole value delivery chain. Think of Uber and

Chapter 3: Show, Don’t Tell

Nurture and Personalize Based on Product UsageSaaS companies must commit to boosting their customer experience to survive. A personalized customer experience is difficult to achieve for multiple reasons. Companies must change how they think about customer experience, then redesign their

Chapter 5: Understanding the Whole Customer Journey

Value (Golden) Features and Value GapThe customer lifecycle encompasses a complete company-customer relationship, from start to finish. In a sense, the customer lifecycle is like your complete life history, and includes birthplace, family history, childhood events, high school years, college,

Chapter 8: Product-led Go-To-Market Strategy Overview

Changing customer expectations, along with consumerization of the business buying experience, are ushering in a new customer experience era in SaaS (enterprise software). In Part II, we outlined primary factors that impact how companies can fulfill customer expectations by creating

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