190-small-1 I help companies with marketing and product growth focusing on developing Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), brand story, strategic messaging, content strategy and distribution, customer lifecycle and customer acquisition process, and go-to-market strategy.

Contact: send me email to myk [at] myxys.com

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I conduct strategic messaging and content strategy workshop to help companies grow faster.
Email me at myk at myxys dot com


  • 10 years of experiences in marketing, go-to-market strategy, and product growth
  • Worked with many B2B/SaaS companies (Ex: Smartcat, BrightIdea, Callfire, Aptrinsic, Metadata, Civic, Datanyze, Respondly, PandaDoc, Apteligent etc.)
  • Co-authored Mastering Product Experience in SaaS book
  • Articles on marketing generated over 300K+ views

Quick facts:

  • Born in Ukraine
  • Graduated from Kansas State University

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