Marketing Strategy Playbook (20 min video)

Marketing Strategy Playbook (20 min video)

This video walks you thorugh creating effective marketing playbook.

Marketing playbook consist of:

1. Customer profile

  • Pains
  • Behaviors
  • Roles in buying process
  • Day in live
  • Current technology stack
  • Current feelings and perceptions
  • Type of problems (active, passive, latent)
  • Values (functional, business, individual, inspirational)
  • Triggers, Ability, Motivations to buy
  • Who are the influencers?
  • What do they read? Who do they follow? What newsletters they subscribe to? What

2. Brand Story

  • Big Change (Economic, Technology, Social)
  • Winners and Lossers
  • Promise Land that shows your aduience the ideal future
  • Enemy or what prevents customer from reaching promise land now
  • Magic Gifts that help you address enemy
  • Evidence that proof your point point

3. Strategic Messaging

  • Top-tier messaging (WHY, HOW, WHAT)
  • 25/50-words description
  • Tagline or Slogan
  • Value statements

4. Customer Acquistion process

  • What are the steps in the customer acquisition process?
  • What is the first action you want your user/prospect to achieve?
  • When customer is nurtured and how?
  • What are the stages in sales process?

5. Content Strategy & Distribution

  • Content creation process
  • Content schedule and topics
  • Evergreen vs Newsjacking (or timely content)
  • Content mix: Awareness + Educational, Sales Enagblement, Traning
  • Address customer objections with content
  • Release one big piece of content every 2/3 months
  • Create a distribution plan
  • Sell problem with content and not your solution

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